Negative Air & Containment in Brooklyn, Queens, and NYC

A negative air & containment system is necessary to make sure that you keep critical barriers in place to filter air at job sites where reconstruction, mold remediationwater damage restoration, and similar activities will take place. Negative Air Machines are designed to filter the air at restoration sites in the wake of natural disasters and sites that involve painting, grinding, welding, and other tasks that jeopardize clear airflow.

They can also be used to set Negative or Positive Pressure Isolation rooms that are useful for containing airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust, drywall debris,  sawdust, metal fumes, smoke, mold, and other hazardous materials. When our technicians at Superior Restoration & Remodeling work in a residential environment, containment steps are activated prior to any work being done. To learn more about our negative air & containment services in the BronxQueens, and other cities that we serve, call 516-614-5652 or click here to make an appointment with one of our restoration experts ASAP.

Negative Air & Containment

How Does the Process Work?

By creating negative pressure, air scrubbers capture the contaminated air and produce clean non-contaminated air. A negative pressure environment will help to contain the mold, dust particles, and odors within the workspace containment barrier. Air always flows from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure. Creating and maintaining negative pressure creates an inward airflow direction through any leaks or openings in the containment barrier, preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into other parts of the work area.

Benefits of Using Air Scrubbers by Superior Restoration & Remodeling

Using an air scrubber during mold/dust cleanup is extremely important for health and liability reasons. If mold, hazardous materials, or concrete dust is released into the air, these contaminants can cause major problems to your health and your property. Mold spores, for instance, may travel via the air ducts to other parts of the building and can colonize in efforts to contaminate otherwise clean carpets, walls, clothing, or furniture.

Each machine moves, filters, and cleans up to 2000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). Air scrubbers have triple stage filtration with HEPA filters. The HEPA filter will capture small particles including mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, dust, and many other airborne contaminants. Air scrubbers will continuously clean the air and provide a clean, healthy and productive environment.

HEPA Filter

What is a HEPA Filter?

A HEPA filter is a type of high-efficiency particulate air filter. This type of air filter can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles that measure 0.3 micrometers in diameter. Particles of this size are the most difficult to filter and thus the most damaging to your property. Particles that are larger or smaller are filtered with even higher efficiency. HEPA filters are the most effective air filtration filters available to remove contaminants from the air.

Businesses that Regularly Use HEPA Filters from Superior Restoration & Remodeling in NYC

  • Hospitals
  • Patient Containment
  • Asbestos & Mold Abatement
  • Construction Sites
  • Crime Scene Clean-Up
  • Drywall Dust Air Cleaning
  • Virus Infection Air Control
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Diagnostic & Treatment Rooms
  • H1N1 Isolation
  • Bio-Hazard Removal
  • Building Remediation
  • Water & Fire Restoration
  • Paint Fume Air Cleaning
  • Renovation Projects
  • Bioterrorism Preparedness
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Disaster Remediation Projects
  • Patient Isolation Rooms

Trust Our Negative Air Containment Services in NYC, Brooklyn, & Rye

Among our wide array of waterproofing services, the technicians at Superior provide top-notch negative air & containment system for customers in Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, and throughout the NYC Metro area. Our crews also provide services for sump pump systemsegress systemsFrench drainsdehumidification systems, and more. When you need our help, dial 516-614-5652 or click here to make an appointment for negative air & containment services today at your property in Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Staten Island.