Interior Foundation Coating Services in Manhattan & NYC

As an integral part of our comprehensive collection of waterproofing services for your home or office in the NYC Metro area, the waterproofing experts at Superior Restoration & Remodeling provide top-notch interior foundation coating services that penetrate deep inside concrete (up to 4"), where they chemically react with lime and alkalines in the soil and harden as a mineral. This seals concrete internally against water, water vapor, and even radon gas, combining concrete waterproofing, damp-proofing, concrete preservation, and radon mitigation in one product.

The internal seal is PERMANENT. Foundation coating contains no chemical solvents or VOCs. It is a spray-on application that is quick and easy. It can be sprayed on or rolled on, depending on your preference. Either way, this cutting-edge method of basement waterproofing is vastly superior to other outdated methods that have not passed the test of time. To learn more, call 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment for interior foundation coating services today at your property in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and other cities that we serve.

Waterproof new or old basements

Waterproof New or Old Basements with Interior Foundation Coating

Interior Foundation Coating by Superior Restoration & Remodeling waterproofs bare (unpainted) cementitious materials including:

  • Poured concrete
  • Concrete blocks or cinder blocks
  • Mortar in block walls or stone foundations.

If you have a new or existing basement, now is the time to prevent future moisture problems, reduce cracking, and stop efflorescence ("white powder") by taking steps to preserve & strengthen the concrete.

water get through concrete

How Can Water Get Through Concrete?

Concrete is naturally porous – typically 10% to 18% air (with extremes 2–60%). To make concrete "workable," a water-to-cement ratio of 0.45–0.50 is the norm but cement only needs a 0.25 w/c ratio for hydration. As concrete cures, the surplus water escapes to the surface and evaporates, leaving tiny pores inside the concrete.

Although the human eye cannot detect these pores, their size ranges from 3 nm (millionths of mm) to 0.1 mm (the diameter of a human hair). However, the physics of water keeps the concrete solid unless the water pressure becomes too great from soil and other forces. Alas, nothing holds back gases: water vapor & radon gas flow right through the pores!

Superior Restoration & Remodeling Checks for Moisture in the Structure of Your Property


Superior Restoration uses specialized equipment to detect water at the source and searches for indicators that include:

  • Dampness at the base of walls
  • Rust at the base of steel posts or the heater
  • Stains, discoloration, or decay on drywall & wood surfaces
  • Efflorescence ("white powder") on the concrete
  • Peeling floor tiles or mildewed carpeting
  • Stains or mildew on objects stored on the floor
  • Musty odors in carpeting and finishes
  • Condensation on windows and concrete
  • Plugged or damaged rain gutters
  • Improper grading, puddling of water, and the growth of moss.

Trust Us for Expert Interior Foundation Coating Services in Brooklyn & Nassau County

When you need interior foundation coating services or any one of our other waterproofing services for your home or office, the technicians at Superior Restoration & Remodeling provide the best products and services in the NYC Metro area. Our crews also install sump pump systems, egress systems, French drains, dehumidification systems, and more for homeowners and business owners in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and other cities that we serve. For more information, call 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment with one of our waterproofing experts ASAP.