Window Well Drain in NYC, Manhattan, & Uptown

Homes that have basements and that are situated in climates where rain and flooding are found, will need a reliable window well drain to funnel off any water that drains into the basement from window wells.

window Well Drain

Potential Water Penetration

Window wells are normally installed in homes with basements. Their purpose is to provide outside light. To provide this light, these windows have to be built partially below ground surface. Intrusion of water happens when water pools in these wells and ultimately leaks through the seal between the window and foundation and into the basement.

Flooding Window Well Correction

Flooding Window Well Correction

Carbone will dig out the existent window well, visually inspect the wall for any cracks or voids, make necessary repairs, apply a liquid membrane to the open area directly onto the wall, back fill area utilizing drainage stone with a combination of a drain that is gravity fed into a flow well or cultec chamber and install a new window well. To prevent this water penetration, the home owner will need to install a system that will drain off any water that pools in the window well.

Drain Substitutes

As a substitute for a drain, contractors will often place coarse gravel or crushed rock in the window well, through which water will drain to the soil under the gravel. This works well to drain away smaller amounts of water, but with heavier rain or flooding, the well with the gravel will eventually fill up with water, and the water will then leak through window edges and into the basement