Sill Plate Drainage System

Sill Plate Drainage System

The sill plate or “mud sill” is a wooden board fastened horizontally to the top of a concrete foundation and serving as anchor for the vertical frame work of your home. Over time, it can get damaged through a variety of environmental factors such as insects, rodents, moisture or mold.

The sill plate is often overlooked as the underlying cause for water leakage and as an area where water can penetrate your home. Contributing factors for water penetration can be sill plate damage in combination with a low lying foundation wall, incorrectly installed masonry, improper drainage or improperly pitched landscaping.

Proper maintenance and monitoring the condition of your sill plate is important and you should contact a professional at the earliest signs of trouble to avoid costly repairs further down the road.

Carbone Restoration, Inc. specializes in sill plate replacement and sill plate drainage correction. Our experienced inspectors will quickly and accurately diagnose the source of your water issues and provide you with an efficient as well as cost-effective solution, often saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you are looking for professional answers & proven solutions for your sill plate waterproofing questions, do not hesitate – call the experts at Superior Restoration, Inc. today!