Exterior Waterproofing in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Rye, & NYC

To waterproof your foundation from the outside and deter water intrusion, it is wise to use an exterior foundation coating as part of your total exterior protection system. A deteriorating or damaged foundation can have extremely devastating effects on the rest of your home. To keep your foundation in top conditions despite the wear and tear of outside elements, we provide sill plate drainage systems, window well drains, exterior coatings, and more as part of our comprehensive array of exterior waterproofing options.

Our crews at Superior Restoration & Remodeling provide waterproofing services that will dry your property and protect it from structural damages, mold, poor indoor air quality, and more. We offer waterproofing options to meet the needs of each customer, including exterior waterproofing services. Our trained team members also provide sump pump systems, egress systems, French drains, and dehumidification systems. To learn more, dial 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment ASAP with one of our exterior waterproofing experts.

Sill Plate Drainage System by Superior Restoration

The sill plate or “mudsill” is a wooden board fastened horizontally to the top of a concrete foundation that serves as an anchor for the vertical framework of your home. Over time, it can get damaged through a variety of environmental factors such as moisture, shifting soil, or mold. At Superior Restoration & Remodeling, we can install a sill plate drainage system at your home or office in the NYC Metro area as one of our waterproofing options for exterior waterproofing services.

Egress Window Features & Benefits

Egress Window Features & Benefits

  • New construction and replacement units
  • Standard 3.25” mainframe for easy installation
  • All glazing options are available
  • One-hand release multi-point exit in case of emergency
  • Available with left or right swing
  • All vinyl construction for warmer surface temperatures
  • Available in white or beige
  • Standard fiberglass & stainless steel screens are available
  • Passed forced entry resistance: AAMA 1302.5
  • Overall product rating: H - R25 - 48X72

Compact Single-Hung In-Swing Egress Windows

A compact single-hung, in-swing egress window is the smallest window available that meets or exceeds emergency egress window requirements set by the IRC in the IRC 2006 code. At Superior, we install them to be used as either new or replacement windows in above-ground or basement applications. They are finished with the most advanced & reliable coating products available. We use only those formulas that have been tested under the harshest conditions.

Trust Us to Meet Your Exterior Waterproofing Needs in Brooklyn, Queens, & NYC

When you have waterproofing issues in your basement, crawl space, or outside your property, our experts at Superior Restoration & Remodeling can help. For more than 25 years, our crews have provided the best available exterior waterproofing services to dry & protect your property in the harshest possible elements. Our experienced professionals also provide sump pump systems, dehumidification systems, and more. For additional information, dial 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment with one of our exterior waterproofing experts.