Compact Single Hung In-swing Egress Windows

Compact Single Hung In-swing Egress Windows

Carbone Restoration's Compact Single Hung In-swing Egress Windows are the smallest windows designed to meet or exceed the emergency egress window requirements of the IRC 2006 code.

They can be used for new or replacement construction in above ground or basement applications.

Egress Windows Operation

These dual function vinyl windows operate in two ways:

  • As a normal single hung window: with the lower sash opening for ventilation
  • In the event of an emergency, a latch in the corner of the window is opened and the top and bottom sashes hinge into the room like a door giving you 5.7 square feet of clear area for escape.

Since both the top and bottom of the window opens up it gives you twice the square feet of clear area that you would get from a standard double hung window that doesn't hinge into the room.

Egress Window Sizing

These egress windows come in multiple stock sizes

  • 28" wide X 46" high X 3 1/4" deep
  • 31" wide X 41" high X 3 1/4" deep

35 1/2" wide X 53 1/2" high X 3 1/4" deep are available with a right or left hinge, for immediate delivery. Custom sized windows can be special ordered in 1/4" increments to fit any size requirements.

A Fiberglass Half Screen comes standard or an optional Stainless Steel Security Screen is also available.

Our stock Egress windows are supplied in white but are also available in beige vinyl. These emergency escape windows can be custom built with grids or lites in both the upper and lower window sections to match your home. Tempered glass is available. We also offer Low-e Glass and Argon gas filled glass options for energy saving performance. An Optional nailing strip can be purchased.