Compact Single Hung In-swing Egress Windows

Compact Single Hung In-swing Egress Windows

The Emergency Egress Compact Single Hung In-swing Windows from Superior Restoration are the smallest windows available that are built to meet or surpass the standards set by the International Residential Code 2006.

They are versatile enough to be utilized in both above- and below-ground settings, whether for brand new or replacement buildings.

Egress Windows Operation

The vinyl windows in your home can be used in two different ways thanks to their dual functionality:

  • In the standard fashion of a single-hung window, the bottom sash can be opened for air circulation.
  • When opened from the corner, the window's top and bottom sashes hinge into the room like a door, providing 5.7 square feet of clean space from which to escape.

If you compare this to a typical double-hung window that doesn't swing into the room, you'll see that this one offers twice as much free space.

Egress Window Sizing

These egress windows come in multiple stock sizes

  • 28" wide X 46" high X 3 1/4" deep
  • 31" wide X 41" high X 3 1/4" deep

35 1/2 "available in both right and left hinge configurations and measuring 3 1/4" deep by 53 1/2" high and broad. It is possible to order windows in increments of 1/4 "scaleable to meet the needs of any project.

Fiberglass half-screens are standard, and a stainless steel security screen is available as an upgrade.

White and beige vinyl are both available for our stock Egress windows. Both the upper and lower panes of these escape windows can be designed with grids or lines to match the aesthetic of your house. Glass with a higher degree of durability known as "tempered" is readily available. If you're interested in further reducing your energy bill, we also provide Low-e Glass and Argon gas-filled glass choices. You can even buy a nailing strip if you'd like.