Sliding Basement Egress Windows

Sliding Basement Egress Windows

Carbone Restoration's Sliding Basement Egress Windows are designed to meet the emergency egress window requirements of the IRC 2006 code, and are designed for above ground or basement applications.

These white vinyl windows come in two standard sizes 48" wide X 48" high and 60" wide X 48" high for both new and replacement construction applications. They are available in 7.5", 8", 9.5", 10", and 11.5" buck depths. The Egress Windows Lift out for easy cleaning, or to pass large items through the opening.

These Energy Star Rated Egress Sliding Window come with 5/8" double pane clear Low-e Insulated Glass. and Argon Gas Filling.

A half fiberglass screen that is removable from inside the house is also supplied. Installed Sliding Egress WindowOur Sliding Egress Windows are packaged with removable wood bracing and plastic wrapped for pour in place applications.

Custom sized windows can be special ordered in 1/4" increments to fit any size requirements.