Sliding Basement Egress Windows

Sliding Basement Egress Windows

Whether installed above or below ground, Superior Restoration's Sliding Basement Egress Windows are compliant with the International Residential Code (IRC) 2006 for emergency egress window standards.

Standard white vinyl window sizes for new and replacement construction are 48" wide x 48" high and 60" wide x 48" high. They can be purchased in 7.5", 8", 9.5", 10", and 11.5" buck sizes. When the Egress Windows Lift is deployed, it can be used for both cleaning and transporting heavy objects through the exit.

The 5/8" double pane clear Low-e insulated glass and Argon gas filling in these Energy Star-rated egress sliding windows will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

There is also an easily detachable fiberglass screen that may be installed from the interior of the home. A Sliding Emergency Exit Window Was Put In. For pour-in-place installations, our Sliding Egress Windows are packed in plastic and with detachable wood bracing.

Specially ordered windows may be made to measure any size down to the nearest quarter inch.