Casement In-swing Egress Windows

Casement In-swing Egress Windows

One of the smallest windows built to meet or exceed the emergency egress window standards of the IRC 2006 code, our Vinyl Casement In-swing Egress Window is a great choice for any home. They are particularly useful for basement renovations and additions.

With its 27-inch size, this egress window is a great value "measurements of 45" in height by 8" in depth with a 20 1/8" by 40 7/8" clear aperture (5.71 sq. ft.). Egress hinges allow for a larger window opening, and the width of the aperture is a generous 3/4 inches "Standard features include double pane insulated Low-E glass with an argon gas filling. The Energy Star program has certified these panes of glass.

The full fiberglass screen on this Egress Window can be easily removed from the interior of the home.

Packaged with detachable wood bracing and plastic wrap, these Casement In-swing Egress windows are ready to be installed by a pour-in-place method.

Specially ordered windows can be sized in 1/4-inch increments to meet your exact specifications.