Basement Egress Window Wells

Since 2000 the International Building Code (IRC) requires that every basement bedroom or basement living space have a minimum of one emergency exit, exiting directly to the outside. This criteria is satisfied by an operable window that may be used as an egress window (escape window) in an emergency situation and has a clear opening of 5.7 square feet. In addition to the 5.7 square foot requirement, these windows must also have a clear opening, (inside frame to frame) measuring a minimum of 20"wide and 24"high, (NOTE: 20"x 24"doesn't equal 5.7sq. ft.).

The code also needs that the max permissible distance from your floor to your window sill is no further than 44 inches to be acceptable as an egress window or an emergency escape.

It also requires an egress window well that has a minimum of 9 square foot of surface area and a 36 inch projection off the foundation wall. Any egress window well that is deeper than 44"must have either a ladder or steps to allow safe exit.

All of our Egress Window Wells meet the current IRC code.