Why Should I Get An Egress Window?

Basement Egress Well Covers

A firefighter should be capable of climbing into or out of an egress opening easily in the event of a fire. Federal construction rules currently mandate that every living area in your home have two means of egress, with the necessary sizes and heights to be in compliance with the codes.

Egress opening installation is not a task to do. The professionals at Superior Restoration have years of expertise under their belts and are skilled, qualified, and guaranteed.

What Is An Egress Window?

Compact Series Hinged Well Cover

In an emergency, an egress entrance should be wide enough for a firefighter to reach or a person to evacuate. Every bedroom in a house must have an emergency and evacuation window, and there are minimal widths required by U.S. construction rules.

The manufacturer and installation of code-compliant egress window systems and components is Superior Restoration & Remodeling, Inc. For more than 27 years, Superior Restoration & Remodeling Inc. has given homeowners secure, cozy underground living spaces.

Building Code Requirements For An Egress Opening?

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Superior Restoration & Remodeling, Inc. strictly follows the following construction codes:

  • Your household area, including basements, must have at least one operational emergency and evacuation opening.
  • The basement meets the criteria for having an evacuation and emergency opening because the bedrooms there have the necessary openings.
  • Egress windows must have bottom sills that are no higher than 44 inches above the completed floor height.
  • Egress windows must have a good opportunity that is 5.7 square feet in size and complies with the minimum requirements when the operable portion of the window is completely open.
  • Windows must be at least 5 square feet in size and have a bottom sill height of no more than 44 inches above or below grade.
  • 20 inches is the required clear opening width.
  • 24 inches is the bare minimum clear open height.
  • Egress windows must be usable from the inside of the room without the need for special keys or credentials.
  • The egress window well for below-grade egress windows must have the standard system specifications.
  • The window can be fully opened with a minimum horizontal dimension of 36 inches by 36 inches.
  • For window wells that are deeper than 44 inches, ladders or stairs must be used. They can project a maximum of 6 inches into the necessary space of the well.
  • Minimum interior width of 12 inches and a minimum 3-inch extension from the casement clear aperture are required for ladders to be permanently mounted.
  • The minimum size is 5.7 square feet, or 5 square feet if the floor opening is at grade.
  • A window's open edge Triple Hung The minimum clear opening size is 5.7 square feet or 5 square feet for openings on grade floors.
  • For the whole height of the well, the good wall should have echelons spaced no farther apart vertically than 18 inches.
  • For the whole length of the well, the good wall should have echelons spaced no farther apart vertically than 18 inches.
  • If the net clear opening length and height of the cover or screen, when open, meet those of the egress window itself, as previously mentioned, window wells may be sealed with covers or screens. Such coverings or screens must be recoverable or detachable from the inside without the need for a key, special equipment, insider information, or more force than what is necessary for the egress window to function normally.
  • Egress windows may be positioned beneath platforms or other outcroppings as long as they can be fully opened and offer a path that is at least 36 inches tall to a yard or court.
Egress Well Covers
Egress Well Covers

We provide egress wells in a variety of models, each of which can be covered. 

These Egress Well Covers are made of transparent polycarbonate, which allows sunlight in while blocking trash and extreme weather events. The UV-stabilized polycarbonate plastic coating helps to reduce spider crawling and discoloration. 

Most building codes are satisfied, and they can support 500 pounds comfortably. Although it can take a lot of snow, it must be cleared after every snowfall to ensure usability. Egress window well covers will protect children and pets, and keep out debris, severe weather, and foliage while letting in as much light as possible.