Egress Systems Installation in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, & NYC

For more than a quarter-century, at Superior Restoration and Remodeling we have supplied our community with superior egress system installations in Midtown, Rye, Greenwich Village, Westchester, and other cities within our NYC Metro area. Our crews understand how to dry a wet basement.

  • New construction and replacement units
  • Standard 3.25” mainframe for easy installation
  • All glazing options are available
  • One-hand release, multi-point exit in case of emergency
  • Available with left or right swing
  • All vinyl construction for warmer surface temperatures
  • Available in white or beige
  • Fiberglass or stainless steel security screens
  • Passed forced entry resistance: AAMA 1302.5
  • Overall product rating: H – R25 – 48X72


An egress opening is designed to be large enough for a firefighter to climb in or a person to climb out of in an emergency. Federal building codes now require all living spaces in your home to have 2 forms of egress, with specific code required size and heights to be code compliant. Installing an egress opening is not a job for do-it-yourselfers. Superior Restoration’s experts are experienced, licensed, and insured with years of experience behind them.


An egress opening is designed to be large enough for a firefighter to climb in or a person to climb out of in an emergency. U.S. building codes require each bedroom of a home to have an emergency exit window, with minimum sizes specified. Superior Restoration & Remodeling Inc. is the supplier, and installer of code-compliant egress window systems and accessories. Superior Restoration & Remodeling Inc. has provided families with comfortable, safe below-ground living space for over 27 years.


Superior Restoration & Remodeling Inc. strictly adheres to Building Code Requirements:

  • Basements and every sleeping room shall have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening.
  • The required emergency and rescue opening in the bedrooms located in the basement satisfies the requirement of the basement having an emergency and rescue opening.
  • The bottom sill of egress windows shall be no more than 44 inches above the finished floor height.
  • Egress windows shall have a clear opening, measured when the operable part of the window is entirely open, of 5.7 square feet and meeting the following minimum dimensions.
  • Windows with a bottom sill height of no more than 44 inches above or below grade are allowed to be a minimum of 5 square feet.
  • Minimum clear opening width = 20 inches.
  • Minimum clear opening height = 24 inches.
  • Egress windows shall be operational from the inside of the room without keys or special knowledge.
  • Below grade egress windows shall be installed with an egress window well meeting the following minimum dimensions.
  • The minimum horizontal dimension of 36 inches by 36 inches allows the window to be fully opened.
  • Ladders or steps shall be required for window wells deeper than 44 inches and are allowed to project a maximum of 6 inches into the required area of the well.
  • Ladders shall be permanently fixed and have a minimum interior width of 12 inches, extending at least 3 inches from the Casement clear opening.
  • Must be 5.7 square feet, or 5 square feet if grade floor opening.
  • Edge of open window Double Hung Clear opening must be 5.7 square feet, or 5 square feet if grade floor opening.
  • The well wall must have rungs spaced no more than 18 inches vertically for the full height of the well.
  • Window wells are allowed to be covered with covers or screens, provided that the net clear opening height and width of the cover or screen, when open, meets that of the egress window itself, as stated earlier. Such covers or screens shall be releasable or removable from the inside without using a key, tool, special knowledge, or force greater than that required for the egress window's regular operation.
  • Egress windows may be placed under decks or other projections, provided the window can be fully opened and provides a path not less than 36 inches in height to a yard or court.
Egress Systems From Superior Restoration and Remodeling

Compact single-hung, in-swing egress windows are the smallest windows designed to meet or exceed the emergency egress window requirements of the IRC 2006 code. They can be used for new or replacement construction in above-ground or basement applications.

These vinyl windows operate as single-hung windows except in the event of an emergency. When an emergency arises, a latch in the corner of the window can be opened and the entire window hinges into the room and out of the way, giving you 5.7 square feet of clear area for escape. These egress windows come in two stock sizes: 28″ x 46″ or 31″ x 41″ with right or left hinges. They can be special-ordered in ¼-inch increments to fit any custom size requirements .

Egress windows are supplied in either white or beige vinyl and can be custom built with optional grids in both the upper and lower window sections to match your home. We also offer Low-E and argon-filled glass options for energy-saving performance.

Compact Single-Hung, In-Swing Egress Windows

Basement Egress Windows

Sliding basement egress windows are designed to meet the emergency basement egress window requirements of the IRC 2006 code. These white, vinyl windows come in four standard sizes: 48″ x 28″; 51″ x 42″; 48″ x 48″; or 60″ x 48″ for both new and replacement construction applications. The egress windows lift out for easy cleaning. Sliding egress windows are supplied standard with ¾-inch clear insulated Low-E glass and a screen.