Dehumidification System Installation in Brooklyn, Queens & NYC

At Superior Restoration and Remodeling, we know that keeping water out of your basement or crawl space is only half the battle when it comes to moisture control services. High humidity levels also make a home or office uncomfortable and can worsen allergies and asthma in humans. When dealing with the consequences of a damp basement or crawlspace, we can install a dehumidification system to make your home or office more comfortable in MidtownRyeGreenwich VillageWestchester, the Bronx, and other cities within our NYC Metro area.

A dehumidification system is just one of the basement waterproofing options we offer to our customers. We also provide sump pump systemsegress systems, and French drains. To learn more about drying your basement or crawl space, call 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment today in BrooklynManhattan, or Queens.

Dehumidification From Superior Restoration and Remodeling

How a Dehumidifier Works in Your Basement

A dehumidifier helps maintain the right level of humidity in your home or office. When inside air enters the dehumidifier, a fan forces the air over cold coils to remove moisture. This will send drier air into the basement or crawl space. Right away, you will notice a decrease in the dampness of the air in your entire home, not just in your basement.

The Benefits of Dehumidification

The Benefits of Dehumidification by Superior

  • Stop mold and mildew from forming. When humidity levels surpass 50%, mold and mildew begin to grow. By lowering humidity levels with a dehumidifier, you can eliminate the possibility for these organisms to grow.
  • Eliminate unwanted odors. Mold and mildew create musty, unpleasant odors. Dehumidifying prevents both.
  • Protect your health. Mold reproduces by putting microscopic contaminants into the air. Eliminating mold spores will stop allergic reactions and respiratory ailments in many individuals.
  • Take advantage of extra space. A finished basement offers a dry, clean, and healthy room that is usable for many purposes.

Rely on Us to Dehumidify Your Property in Queens, Brooklyn, & Manhattan

Superior Restoration and Remodeling is the basement repair contractor and mold remediation specialist that customers in the NYC Metro area trust. Call us today at 516-614-6468 to learn more about our products and services or simply click here to make an appointment with one of our moisture control specialists for dehumidification services in the BronxBrooklynManhattanQueens, and other cities that we serve.