Basement Wall Systems in New York City, Queens & Brooklyn

Basement walls support the weight of the side walls and offer interior living space. Your home has unrealized potential in many places, including the basement. Every project begins with a strong foundation, whether your vision for this area is to turn it into a personalized convenient family room, spare bedroom, and bathroom.

Superior Restoration is the best high-quality basement finishing service provider with all available systems. For the best wall panel option for your finished basement, we use inorganic materials. We provide services in various places and to various homeowners throughout Bay Ridge, Malverne, Canarsie, and Nolita. We are an award-winning and highly competitive company with experienced experts. So don't get worried about your basement wall finishing, just give us a call at 516-614-6468 or contact us online.

Basement wall system

Advantages of Basement Walls

  • Make the surface look appealing, and stain resistant.
  • It will keep the moisture off your walls and stop the growth of mold.
  • Installation is quick and efficient.
  • Zenwall panel captures all wall seepage and leaks.
  • Zenwall panel installation will make your basement warmer and brighter.
  • More energy is efficient than a wall built with studs and insulated with fiberglass batts.
Worker working on thermal drywall

Thermal Drywall Systems

The thermal drywall system is a fantastic product to install if you plan to complete your basement. With this method, new walls are simply constructed inside the foundation walls. Moreover, to choose a basement wall system, we use a variety of systems, including zenwall panels, brightwall wall systems, cleanspace wall systems, and uneven stone walls.

One call can waterproof and complete your basement!!

All of our wall solutions are made of inorganic materials that are water-resistant and do not foster the growth of mold. Superior Restoration is also an expert in mold testing. To find out more about further cutting-edge products, visit our section on basement wall systems. For a free basement remodeling estimate, call at 516-614-6468 or contact us today!