Basement Waterproofing Services in Brooklyn, Queens & NYC

Flooding window wells, cracks in the foundation, water coming in over the sill plate, high water tables, and high humidity are primary sources of basement-related problems for homeowners and business owners within our Greater New York metro service area. Our crews at Superior Restoration & Remodeling provide waterproofing services that will dry your property and protect it from structural damage, mold, poor indoor air quality, and more.

We offer a variety of basement waterproofing options to meet your individual needs, including sump pump systems, french drains, dehumidification systems, interior drainage systems, and more. If you do not install a basement waterproofing system in a basement that is constantly moist, your basement issues will never improve at your home or office in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and other cities that we serve. For more information, call 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment with one of our basement waterproofing experts at your property.


The Purpose of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is extremely underestimated, undervalued, and underrated. If you do not have the correct kind of waterproofing for your house, it will likely face some dangerous problems down the road, such as water damage and mold.

Waterproofing is a way to control the moisture levels that exist within your home or office. Keeping your property dry is most important as a homeowner or business owner. That involves waterproofing all parts of your home or office, particularly the basement and crawl space.

Basement waterproofing methods vary depending on soil composition, climate conditions, humidity levels, and other factors. To correct the situation at your property, we can install moisture control services like moisture barriers, french drains, sump pumps, or dehumidification systems to redirect any intrusive water at your home or office.

Waterproofing Solutions for Your Property by Superior Restoration & Remodeling

To keep your home or office dry in an area with a humid climate, we offer multiple options for waterproofing that will remove any threat of moldpoor indoor air quality, or structural damage. Some of our most popular waterproofing solutions in the NYC Metro area include:

Trust Us to Be Your Own Basement Waterproofing Specialist in New York

There are many different materials and methods that can be used to waterproof the basement or crawl space at your home or office. Knowing which material makes the most sense for each situation is complicated, but our experts at Superior Restoration & Remodeling understand all the benefits and challenges of each option. We will pick the one that fits best with your needs, budget, soil composition, and climate conditions. To learn more, call 516-614-6468 or click here to schedule an appointment for the best & most cost-effective waterproofing solutions in NYC.

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Dix Hills, NY

To fix the water puddling basement issue, we needed to hand dig around the chimney approx 7’ around down 7 ‘ along the foundation side. We installed hydraulic cement into the crack as well as a tegra system 500 membrane over the area where it had...

Bayside, NY

Customer had water in basement over the years and wanted to permanently fix the issue. Installed a commercial sump pump liner and pump to displace the water under the floor before it came up into the basement.

Oakdale, NY

The customer called us due to water in the crawlspace and because he had pre-existing mold from high moisture levels in the Basement. They had an undersized non-commercial sump pump and a basement window that did not open. We extended the downspouts...