Roof Leak from Water Damage in Queens & Brooklyn, NY

A leaking roof is a major source of stress and frustration. Water damage to your ceilings and walls, mold growth in your home's insulation, and decaying rafters and roof sheathing are all potential outcomes of this problem. A seemingly little issue, such as a leaking roof, may eventually result in significant property loss.

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How to Spot Roof Leaks in Your House

Before you call a professional to repair the leak on the roof, you have to spot the problem first. Here are some of the common areas where you can check to know if there is a roof leak in your house-

repair roof leak water damage
  • Plumbing Vents: Leaks often originate in the vent pipe of the plumbing system. The rubber boot that covers the vent may be worn or torn, the metal or plastic base may have a fracture or a damaged seam, and a couple of the nails may be missing or loose. In the event that any one of these problems exists, water will be able to enter your roof via the pipe.
  • Roof Vents: Any vent or exhaust flue in your roof is a site where there is an increased risk of developing a leak. This is also true for plumbing vents. Once again, check the rubber boot in addition to the base and the nails. Check the housing for any cracks and check the vent seams for any damaged seams.
  • Walls: These leaks aren't really coming from the roof, but you'd never know it by looking at them! Don't forget to inspect the areas surrounding the windows, corner boards, and siding for cracks, damage, and holes while you're up on the roof looking for the source of the leak.

Select Superior Restoration & Remodeling for Effective Roof Leak Repair Services

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