Water Heater Overflow in Queens & Westchester

When the water heater overflows, a mess ensues. To deal with the restoration damage from a water heater overflow, the IICRC-certified technicians from Superior Restoration & Remodeling have cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Our crews deliver high-quality service standards for residential & commercial customers throughout our NYC Metro service area.

For more than a quarter-century, our certified craftsmen have provided comprehensive water damage restoration services, including water heater overflow restoration, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, and Queens. Some of our most popular services include storm damage & flood restoration, insurance claims assistance, broken & burst pipes restoration, sewage backup clean-up services, emergency water removal, and more. To learn more about our services, call 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment for water heater overflow services ASAP.

Water Heater Overflow

Causes of a Water Heater Overflow

A water heaters overflow can occur for many reasons, but the primary reasons are a faulty thermostat or a rusted-out fitting.

The thermostat sends signals to the water heater to cool down upon reaching the desired temperature. When the thermostat fails, it won't be able to discern if the water temperature is correct and will need to turn off the heat. When the water in the tank is heated, it expands and turns into steam. Pressure increases within the tank, until it finally bursts, releasing massive amounts of boiling water onto the surrounding area.

A rusty fitting can cause an overflow in a similar manner. A rusty fitting in the heater's tank can come loose and force a minor leak. Water can leak for weeks without being spotted, overflowing the area surrounding your water heater before you realize it.

Hire Superior Restoration & Remodeling for Water Heater Overflow Cleanups in Queens & Westchester

A water heater overflow is a nightmare scenario for homeowners. But you can rest easier when you enlist the help of the IICRC-certified craftsmen from Superior Restoration and Remodeling for water heater overflow restoration services. Our crews also provide services for sewage cleanup, water damage restoration, storm damage & flooding cleanup, and more. When you need our help, dial 516-614-6468 or click here to schedule an appointment with one of our water damage restoration experts at your property in Queens & Westchester.