Moisture Control, Waterproofing & Mold Removal in Queens, NY 

In the event that an unanticipated disaster strikes your home or place of business in Queens, you will need restoration and cleanup services as soon as possible. We are a full-service restoration company here at Superior Restoration & Remodeling, which means that in addition to our services for waterproofing basements and crawl spaces, we also provide moisture control services, mold removal services, disinfection services, restoration services, reconstruction services, among other services.

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Wall Damage for wet Basement
Waterproofing & Moisture Control icon Waterproofing & Moisture Control

Wet basements and crawl spaces aren’t just an appearance problem; harmful mold thrives in these damp areas. We specialize in a variety of waterproofing and dehumidification methods.

Mold Testing & Removal Mold Testing & Removal

If you experience unexplained breathing difficulties, stuffiness, or headaches, then you may have mold in your house. We can detect and eliminate this health hazard from your home.

Water Removal & Damage Restoration Equipment
Water Removal & Damage Restoration Water Removal & Damage Restoration

An immediate response to a water leak or flood is crucial to preventing additional damage. For more than 25 years, we have helped customers remove unwanted water & restore the damage.


When your home or office is damaged beyond the point of restoration efforts, we have certified craftsmen who can handle reconstruction services for your home or office in the NYC Metro area.

basement waterproofing leaks and moisture control

Services We Provide 

Here are some of the most popular services that we provide- 

  • Mold Testing & Removal: If you have trouble breathing that cannot be explained, stuffiness, or headaches, there is a possibility that mold is present in your home. We are able to identify and remove this potential threat to your family's health from your home using our effective mold testing and removal methods.
  • Waterproofing & Moisture Control: Mold may flourish in moist environments like wet basements and crawl spaces, which is an issue for more reasons than simply their look. We have experts and professionals who utilize a wide range of approaches to waterproofing as well as dehumidification.
  • Water Removal & Damage Restoration: It is very necessary to react quickly in the case of a water leak or flood in order to avoid further damage. Our company has been assisting customers in removing unwanted water and repairing damage for more than 25 years now.

Count on Us for Moisture Control, Restoration, & Mold Remediation Services

Our IICRC-certified technicians have been delivering a comprehensive range of moisture control, waterproofing, restoration, and remediation services to homeowners and business owners in New York City and its boroughs, including Queens, for more than three decades now at Superior Restoration & Remodeling. Our teams are licensed, certified, and insured to offer emergency services around the clock. So make sure to call us today at 516-614-6468 or contact us online to get a free estimate.

Completed Jobs from Queens
Water Damage Restoration Gallery Water Damage Restoration Gallery
Not Completed Yet
To eliminate water damage at the gallery, we dried the area with several industrial drying fans and also used multiple dehumidifiers. Once the impacted areas were dry, we provided water damage restoration services to make the area safe and to avoid future mold growth.
Mold Assessment & Remediation Gallery Mold Assessment & Remediation Gallery
Not Completed Yet
When the mold growth was spotted at the gallery, we inspected it to determine the type. Next, we applied mold removal and mold remediation treatments designed for that type of mold to eliminate the threat and keep the area safe from future mold growth.
Waterproofing Gallery Waterproofing Gallery
Not Completed Yet
The customer discovered water in the basement and sought a permanent fix for the situation. Our crews installed a commercial sump pump liner and pump to keep the basement dry and addressed other areas within the gallery with other waterproofing strategies.