Other Water Damage

Other Water Damage

Broken Pipes

Pipes can break and cause your water main to burst for a variety of reasons.

Freezing temperatures, or just old, worn-down pipes are commonly to blame for water making its way into your home, causing extensive damage to everything it comes into contact with.

Water Heater Over Flow

Often, the very appliances meant to make our lives easier wreak havoc in the home, leading you to call in professional water damage services.

Your toilet can overflow, your refrigerator and dishwasher can leak, and your bathtub could run over thanks to a faulty drain or a persistent drip.

Even your washing machine can be to blame for water damage when its supply lines give way, flooding your laundry room or your entire home in some cases.

But most often it’s your A/C and hot water heaters which are prime suspects of appliances in the home that are leaky or faulty.

Flood Disasters

Mother Nature is unpredictable — and she’s the reason why many unsuspecting homeowners rely on water damage restoration services.

Flash flooding, storm damage, and more severe disaster-related water damage often require an immediate response in order to avoid issues with mold growth.

Sewer Issues

We all hope it never happens to us but it’s more common than you think for sewer water to make its way into our home. Most often, backups from your sewer pipe occur when roots of trees are blocking the drains.

A backup can also occur after a serious thunderstorm or natural disaster, as mentioned above. Besides disgusting, it’s also a serious health hazard. If you’re faced with water damage from your sewer, you should never attempt to handle the problem yourself. Rely instead on the professionals from Superior Restoration.