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    Dealing with a leaky basement or crawl space can be frustrating and stressful. In addition to damaged property and lingering odors, harmful mold and mildew can thrive in these wet places.

    Nassau County’s #1 Waterproofing Company

    We know there are a lot of waterproofing companies in Nassau County, NY, but when you work with Superior Restoration and Remodeling, you can count on fast, efficient service. For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping area homeowners solve their moisture problems for good. We specialize in accurate inspections, comprehensive waterproofing and lasting results.

    Don’t Settle for Less Than Superior

    For more than 25 years, Superior Restoration and Remodeling has been helping homeowners in Nassau County, NY, recover from water and moisture damage. To talk about your waterproofing needs, call us today at (631) 360-9422 or fill out our online form. We look forward to serving you!

    Superior Waterproofing Solutions

    The team at Superior Restoration and Roofing has seen enough wet basements to know that no two are the same. That’s why we never treat a project like a routine job. We take the time to investigate the root cause of your wet basement or crawl space, and work with you to find a solution that’s right for the space and your budget. We offer the following fixes for wet spaces:

    Sump Pump Systems.

    This effective device pumps water out of the interior and away from vulnerable areas of the home, including the foundation.

    Battery Backups.

    While sump pumps are mostly reliable, they can fail for a number of reasons. We recommend a backup battery to ensure your home is safe and dry no matter what.


    Humid air can cause or aggravate respiratory illnesses like asthma and allergies. A dehumidifier can reduce this harmful dampness.


    Sealing a crawl space is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent water and moisture from infiltrating your home.

    Call on Us for All Your Remediation and Restoration Needs

    Superior Restoration and Remodeling provides a full range of services:


    Mold assessment & remediation

    Water Damage Restoration

    Bathroom remodeling

    When you have water issues and need waterproofing, mold testing, or remediation at your home or office, we can help.



      Love working with John. He is a man full of integrity! Thanks Superior Restoration!!

      Chris H.

      Amazingly professional. I love the fact that they’re mold expert remediators! I’m at peace now. Thank you Superior Restoration!

      Vanessa D.

      They did a quick and fantastic job.Very happy with the work.

      Steven B

      Knowledgeable, punctual, honest, reliable, great quality work.

      Michele R.

      They were very professional, showed up on time and got the job completed in a timely manner.


      He was consistent, said what he was going to do when he said. Overall it was a good experience.

      Mark S.

      Timely, professional and personable.


      John made me feel so comfort. The work they did was impeccable. They were courteous and professional. They system they put in worked so well. He was neat, fast, and they finished on-time. They cleaned inside everyday when the job was completed. Everyone he had over was great. His prices were comparable as well.

      Jannette N.