Mold Removal vs Mold Remediation | Queens & Westchester

Simple conditions like high humidity, an imbalanced moisture level, or damp walls or floors can result in mold growth. In a relatively short period of time after the mold first begins to grow, it can spread everywhere. But when it comes to distinguishing between the mold remediation and removal processes, remediation can be characterized as the process of eliminating the contaminated source, whilst removal is the process of eradicating the mold spores from the surfaces. For commercial or residential properties around New York, Superior Restoration & Remodeling has the necessary knowledge and experience to provide mold removal and cleanup services.

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Know The Differences Between Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Processes

professional worker mold removal and remediation service

Although these two processes would appear to most people to be identical, they are not. They are really different from one another.

Mold removal is the process of getting rid of mold, but it doesn't deal with the root cause. The apparent molds are only cleaned up and the surface mold spores are removed. 

Contrarily, mold remediation is a comprehensive procedure to keep dangerous mold spores away. It locates the source of mold development, gets rid of it, and tries to restore the humidity and moisture that nature intended so that it won't sprout up again. Professionals thoroughly eliminate the mold to ensure that it poses no health risks to the residents and won't return for a long time.

Keep Your Property Mold-free with Superior Restoration & Remodeling

Our company is licensed and insured, legally serving the folks of New York City for mold removal & remediation service as well as waterproofing, water damage, disinfecting, and sanitization. All of our workers are IICRC-certified and have had hands-on experience in this industry for decades. We always upgrade our labor tools using cutting-edge technology to make our service quicker and easier. Our services also include mold testing, mold inspection, indoor air quality testing, moisture control, mildew removal, etc.

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