Multi-Tech S4000 air purifier

Multi-Tech S4000 Air Purifier

Multi-Tech S4000 air purifier has a high CADR rating for removing dust particles. There are six proven technologies in this air purifier to eliminate nearly every pollutant type, including odors, chemicals, and microorganisms. It has an extremely powerful fan of 175 CFM for a large coverage area and high efficiency. Also, the multi-tech S4000 air purifier is a very quiet and affordable air purifier.

It beats more than 80% of every air purifier model tested by AHAM. In addition, this air purifier includes extra technologies for other pollutant types that aren’t factored in by the CADR inspection method. The multi-Tech S4000 air purifier contains activated carbon filtration for odors and chemicals, a photocatalytic oxidation filter for bacteria, and a germicidal UV lamp for microorganisms.

Multi-Tech S4000 air purifier

Know The Crucial Advantages of Multi-Tech S4000 Air Purifier

When you use the multi-tech S4000 air purifier, you will get a lot of benefits. Some of the important benefits are:

  • It has a large coverage area due to the extremely powerful fan, and its coverage area is up to 800 square feet
  • Extremely quiet operation makes sure that there is silence even when its robust fan is running, and it contains "Ultra-Quiet" fan setting for silent operation
  • In spite of its enormous power, the multi-tech S4000 air purifier uses very little energy
  • Low replacement expenses even when bearing in mind that there are six purification stages
  • Advanced controls to suit your particular needs, which include independent Ion/UV control and timer