Austin Air Residential Air Purifiers

Austin Air Residential Air Purifiers

Austin Air HealthMate

Austin Air HealthMate air purifier is designed for those people who are regularly concerned about the air quality inside their building. This air purifier removes nearly all airborne particles by executing several crucial air quality improvement functions.

Austin Air HealthMate air purifier has a 4-stage filtration system containing Activated Carbon and True Medical Grade HEPA. This filtration system eliminates odors, airborne particles, chemicals, and gases.

Austin Air Residential Air Purifiers

Austin Air Allergy Machine

Designed specifically for asthma and allergy sufferers, the engineers at the Austin Air company have formed HEGA filtration. It has a high-efficiency gas absorption. This allergy machine's 4-stage absorption system merges the finest particle filtration of Medical Grade HEPA filter with the additional absorption capacity of the Activated Military Carbon Cloth.

Austin Air HealthMate+

It is best for chemically sensitive people who need the most comprehensive air cleaning solution. The HealthMate+TM can filter out more house pollutants, gases, and odors because it combines excellent particulate filtration with cutting-edge gas filtering technology.

Austin Air Pet Machine

Austin Air has constructed a filter to capture the allergens caused by your pets. The Pet Machine™ uses superior HEPA technology to capture dander and airborne dust. The unique carbon blend will aid in reducing many pet smells that linger inside your building's air.