How Fast Does Mold Grow around Brooklyn & New York City?

Mold is a natural substance that might be found everywhere, but its natural presence does not eradicate the damage it can cause to you and your property. The main cause of mold is water damage and mold can grow quickly after water damage, making the water damage restoration process more difficult.

Mold growth won’t just cause damage to your building’s structural integrity, but it can also cause severe health issues for anyone exposed to it. So, it is highly recommended to contact a professional mold inspection company as soon as possible if you think that your property has mold contamination and that is where Superior Restoration and Remodeling comes in.

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mold grow black mold on a white wall in the house

How Fast Can Mold Grow?

The time needed for mold to grow and spread is reliant on the types of mold, the material it is growing on, and the quantity of moisture the mold has, among other things. Under proper conditions which means in the best temperature and level of humidity, it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to germinate and grow.

Generally, the spores start to colonize in 3-12 days and become observable in around 18-21 days. Generally, the longer moisture is present, the higher the risk for mold to grow and spread.

Within a few hours of coming into contact with a moist surface, mold spores begin to grow and spread into the substance, dispersing into the surrounding air and producing thousands of mold spores. These mold spores can then go to other moist surfaces, causing issues in new areas of your building.

Why Should You Put Your Faith in Superior Restoration and Remodeling?

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