Black Mold Remediation in Brooklyn & Westchester

The most hazardous kind of mold is known as black mold. It is a mold that is exceedingly poisonous, and exposure to it may result in serious health problems and even death. Mold enjoys devouring everything made of wood, including paper, drywall, particle board, flooring, and furniture. Inadequate drying of water-damaged areas helps generate the ideal breeding grounds for this harmful mold. This mold may cause significant damage.

If you are living in Brooklyn, Westchester, and other cities around the NYC Metro area and suspect there is black mold in your house then Superior Restoration & Remodeling take care of the problem for you. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and effective methods to make sure there is no black mold present in your house anymore. So to get our effective service at an affordable rate call us at 516-614-6468 or click here to contact us online.

professional man wear uniform black mold remediation

How to Spot Black Mold in Your House?

Determining whether or whether a structure is infected with black mold is not always a simple task, and in certain cases, it may not even be possible. Mold spores that are carried via the air are so minute that you may not even be aware that they are there. They often conceal themselves in confined or difficult-to-reach areas, such as in attics, behind walls, or under floors.

When black mold growth is suspected in areas that are difficult to reach during a basic visual inspection, the use of technology, such as high-resolution infrared cameras and powerful air sampling pumps, is required to detect black mold. This is because basic visual inspections are unable to reach these areas. So if you are not 100% sure but suspect there is black mold present in your house then it is recommended to call a professional like Superior Restoration & Remodeling and we will take care of the inspection and remediation procedure.

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