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Get The Certificate

The Superior Shield Of Hygiene & Safety

Get The Superior Shield

Arming your home or business with the Superior Certificate of Hygiene & Safety affords you the confidence that you’re stopping the spread of infection by killing bacteria and viruses on contact AND with bacteria and viruses eliminated, you will have better and safer Indoor Air Quality. Applying our EPA registered patented protective coating creates a molecular bonding to all clean surfaces that can last up to 90 days.

CLEANING SCHEDULES FOR ALL BUDGETS: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and One-time options

Background on the Technology:
Our patented antimicrobial technology surface protectant is the emerging leading product to be realized across industry sectors due to it’s residually performing formula to prevent spread of germs by limiting their ability to dwell on surfaces, clothing, textiles by bonding with the surface to create a bio-barrier of protection.

To protect the surfaces for a minimum of 30 days and as high as 90 days, with one application, it is recommended to use this ready to use antimicrobial, which will inhibit the growth of microbes as well as bacteria, fungi and had been tested to have efficacy against envelope viruses such as Human coronavirus 16, H1N1, and harder to kill germs including MRSA.

We recommend this product to be applied to air filters to improve the environmental air quality.

Our product vs. coronavirus: Official Statement to understand new standard for clean technology:

  • 1. All approved EPA products listed on the CDC website provide disinfection efficacy only temporarily as they deactivate shortly after they disinfect the virus usually within 10 minutes, but there is no residual disinfecting action.
  • 2. Since they are ineffective shortly after application, if a person sneezes or happens to have the virus on their hands, the environment is contaminated again, which poses significant risks of spreading.
  • 3. A residual performing antimicrobial agent that will persistently inhibit the growth of the virus on surfaces or textiles is the ideal solution. This is precisely the core technology solution we use.

List of Government and essential services also being treated for residual protection from pathogens in addition to EPA-N list products and as a final step to the regular disinfecting process. Please consider this NASA, Harvard, AJIC peer review and published evidenced based data on our “Super” clean technology.

  • National Grid -NY, Long island and other locations nationally, essential service crews, facilities, control rooms, East End
  • NYPD, StatenIsland, Bronx, Manhattan, NY HCH Management
  • NYPD, 108 Precinct, New York Superior Restoration & Remodeling Inc.
  • NJ Transit Buses – Fleetwash
  • OGS, office of general service NYS Government offices, Albany, NY for Governor Cuomo
  • United States Naval academy – service laundry and dry-cleaning facility, Annapolis, Maryland
  • USO – Redcross – APGS donated for disaster relief
  • Clay County Rescue Services, Florida
  • Stafford Town Ship, NJ
  • Juvenile Justice Commission, NJ
  • Access New Jersey for Government procurement by thew state agencies and vendors
  • Niles, Ohio – Police, Fire
  • Austintown, Ohio
  • Police & Fire
  • Poland, Ohio
  • Police, Fire, Admn
  • Columbiana County Ohio
  • Municipal Courthouses, Job and family services, sheriff offices, county jail
  • Trumbull county
  • Admn, sheriff offices and jail
  • Mahoning Valley Task Force
  • Offices
  • Mahoning county FBI office
  • Includes police, fire and ems vehicles for above mentioned locations.