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Arming your home or business with the Superior Certificate of Hygiene & Safety affords you the confidence that you’re stopping the spread of the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by killing bacteria and viruses on contact. With the bacteria and viruses eliminated, you will have better and safer Indoor Air Quality. Applying for our EPA-registered patented protective coating creates a molecular bonding to all clean surfaces that can last up to 90 days at your home or office in ManhattanQueens, Rye, and other cities we serve within our NYC Metro area. For more information, call 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment with one of our deep cleaning experts today! We offer disinfection & sanitization services for homesofficesschoolsnursing homes, and more. We also handle post-construction cleaning & sanitizing services. To find answers to frequently asked questions about our company and its services, click here

Certificate of Hygiene and Safety

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Our patented antimicrobial technology surface protectant is a leading product in the battle against Coronavirus because it can be applied across multiple industry sectors to prevent the spread of germs by limiting their ability to dwell on clothing, textiles, and other services. This bio-barrier of protection lasts a minimum of 30 days and can last up to 90 days with one application.

This ready-to-use antimicrobial inhibits the growth of microbes, bacteria, and fungi. It has been tested and shown to have efficacy against viruses such as Human coronavirus 16, H1N1, MRSA, and other pesky viruses. We recommend that you apply this product to air filters to improve your environmental air quality.

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Battling Cornavirus with Our Product

How does our product fare against Coronavirus? He is an official statement to understand this new standard for clean technology:

  • 1. All approved EPA products listed on the CDC website provide disinfection efficacy only temporarily as they deactivate shortly after they disinfect the virus usually within 10 minutes, but there is no residual disinfecting action.
  • 2. Because this product has a limited shelf life, a person who sneezes or has the virus on his or her hands can contaminate the environment again, raising the danger of spreading.
  • 3. A residual performing antimicrobial agent that will persistently inhibit the growth of the virus on surfaces or textiles is the ideal solution. This is precisely the core technology solution we use.

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At Superior Restoration & Remodeling, our revolutionary molecular bonding product that cleans all types of surfaces can last up to 90 days. Let us protect your home or office today in ManhattanQueens, Rye, and other cities we serve within our NYC Metro area. To learn more, call 516-614-6468 or click here to make an appointment. We can protect homesofficesschoolsnursing homes, and more!