Basement Technologies recognizes that to be the leader in the basement waterproofing industry we must design and introduce new products to address new and old problems. Basement Technologies’ Research and Development department has utilized a revolutionary concept in basement waterproofing technology and proudly introduces the Humid-Evac™ to our customers “Evacuate the damp air before it gets in.”

Homes have been described as having six (6) sides: four (4) walls; a roof; and a basement floor. Our revolutionary new product … Humid-Evac™ … deals with humidity and condensation issues by drying under the slab before the moisture enters the basement. Independent research (see A ) shows that 80% of moisture in the basement originates from under the slab. Radon professionals have been using similar systems to solve basement radon problems. Our system is not a radon system. “Basements are similar to a cave”. Basements are below ground level and are conducive to a damp, wet environment. Independent studies show that up to 80% of moisture in a basement originates from under the floor, and if the source of the dampness is addressed, 80% of the problem is eliminated.

Radom professionals throughout the world have been unknowingly drying slabs and basements while curing the radon problem using sub-slab depressurization systems. Drafting the air under the slab dehumidifies your basement in a far superior manner than any current method on the market. After years of research and development, Humid-Evac™ is designed exclusively to dry the basement floor and environment.

The Subfloor Drainage System is Always the First Step

The flooding of the basement must be stopped before any humidity or condensation problem can be addressed. We always recommend a full perimeter Water Trek Aqua Route® system be installed prior to dealing with condensation and humidity.

What Is Communication Under The Floor?

The science of communication under the floor is the ability to reach the entire subfloor area with a negative air pressure field. However, communication is based on sub-surface soil porosity and density of sub-floor soil. For example, if there is gravel present, there will be good communication. If there is dense clay, there will be less communication. The Water Trek Aqua Route® system merely guarantees necessary communication under the slab, as well as, stopping the “flood waters”.

Psychometry - the engineering science of drying a structure. In order to achieve a psychometric solution, four things need to be addressed:

Sub Floor Drainage
  • Air Drying - removing damp air
  • Moisture on Surfaces
  • Air Movement - sub-slab and above slab
  • Temperature of the Air - take the cool damp air from the sub-slab and heat it by replacing with warmer air The Humid-Evac™ system addresses “all of the above” and cures most, if not all,dampness problems

Our professionals install the Humid- Evac™ in conjunction with the Water Grabber ® Bull Dog™ and Water Trek Aqua Route® to eliminate sub-slab moisture. (Not for radon mitigation)

Independent Research Proves that 80% of Moisture Within the Building Originates from the Sub Slab Area.......

Other systems work but do not address the source of the problem; most of the source of the moisture is under the floor. There are several ways to eliminate moisture:

1. Dehumidifier: A good method but allows dampness to remain in the basement area, then dries the air only.

2. Air Exchange Systems (Bon Aire, Humidex, Humivent): This method takes the air from the warm upstairs to the basement area. An excellent process, but the problem still remains if it is humid in the upper portions of the home, or the customer does not use air conditioning in the home. The Air exchange can be ineffective if we draw air from upstairs possibly nullifying any benefit the air exchange makes. This method is cost effective, but sometimes dehumidifiers may be mandatory depending on humidity levels in the home. This is a good method to eliminate odors in the basement.

3. Humid-EvacTM: The "Source Solution". Evacustes cold, damp air from under the slab and helps dry the floor and a humid, damp basement. Our system works best with a full perimeter, sub-floor Water Trek Aqua Route®system and Water Grabber®Bull DogTM installed. The system consists of one (1) Water Grabber®Bull DogTM liner with pipe attached to the Humid-EvacTM fan through the side of the home. The fan costs approximately $17.50 per year to operate, an energy savings of 60% per year over dehumidifiers. The fan runs continuously, but uses vary little energy to accomplish the negative pressure field, reducing the entrapped moisture, creating a dryer basement helping to reduce mold in the area and can help eliminate odors.

Evacuate the Dampness Before It Gets Into Your Home

It is natural for a basement to be damp. Sometimes we must create a new environment to thoroughly dry it. Some of the biggest complaints homeowners have are damp floors and humid basements, Even though water is stopped by our Water Trek Aqua Route® system, dampness can still occur due to temperature differnce between the subfloor and basement air and basic humidity levels of the air. The condensation should cease due to the temperature equilibrium and moisture extraction.


  • Installed using our Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ Liner as a large collection point for the sub floor air, the liner is sealed and draws air from the sub-slab. We always recommend a full perimeter Water Trek Aqua Route® system to enhance communication under the slab.
  • Ventilation can be further enhanced by a small hole in our piping system called the “Evacuator” (Above Grade Evacuator) or AGE. When the AGE is installed, vents to the upstairs through the floors or doors are necessary. This allows for further air exchange in the basement.

Active subfloor humidity evacuatioin units have been in use for years. Numerous independent studies have been conducted and the facts state this method is superior to many others and is economical. Basement Technologies has taken this a step further and has made a system unique to the industry … effectuating state-of-the-art dehumidification. Basement Technologies now offers a cost effective solution to those homeowners in need of such a service.