Freeze Stop™

freeze plug

“Rest Easy” it’s Patented for a Reason …It Works Better – Guaranteed.

The heart of any waterproofing system is the sump pump. The sump pump usually discharges the water to the outside of the home. When it gets cold, exterior discharge lines can easily freeze. The pump will continue to pump, but due to the frozen discharge line, the water could back up and cause your basement to flood.

Not Any More! Our Freeze Stop™ eliminates this from ever happening. We guarantee, in writing, that our Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ sump pump will never back up due to exterior freezing again. Ask your representative about our unique Water Grabber® Bull Dog™, Bubbler Pot™, Freeze Stop™ (patented), Alternator™ (patented), Lawn Magnum™ (patented) and Water Trek Aqua Route® (patented) combination. It works ... we guarantee it.

Only Basement Technologies Freeze Stop's™ unique patented design features a full 360 degree of protection from freezing. Dripping water from the gutters or eave line can accumulate on the outside structures causing ice build-up restricting the flow of water. The added protection of the 360 degree design makes it impossible to fail. Basement Technologies installs only the finest patented products, guaranteeing your basement will be dry forever.