Flood Chek Hoses

Flood Chek Hoses

Basement Technologies realizes that homeowners have many other things to think about besides washing machine hoses. That is why Basement Technologies is the leading name in the basement waterproofing industry …we think outside the box.

Traditional washing machine hoses may seem strong, but hot water can cause rubber to become brittle and fail. A failure (at an average of 70 lbs of pressure) can disgorge up to 650 gallons of water per hour. These failures are not at all uncommon; according to State Farm Insurance, they cause about $170 million in damage to homes in the US & Canada each year.

Thousands of homes and properties have experienced the terrible, soggy muck of catastrophic failure, but until now, quality replacement hoses did not exist. Homeowners and community associations across the country have endured property damage, insurance shock, and substantial out-of-pocket expenses. It doesn't have to be that way anymore!

Flood Chek hoses start out with the same traditional rubber tube, but add two layers of 23# braided rayon reinforcement, a .012"-gauge rubber jacket and a .063"-gauge rubber cover. And, since most floods start at the coupling, Flood Chek couplings are machined from non-corroding solid brass.

These improvements make our hoses so good they're the only hoses guaranteed for 20 years! Flood Chek hoses are not available in stores.

"Trust your home to the leading name in the basement waterproofing industry... Basement Technologies"