Aging in Place

Aging in Place

Call Superior Restoration and Remodeling to Make Your bathroom Safer, More Accessible, Attractive, and Comfortable

Did you know?

70% of all slip fall accidents of senior citizens occur in the home

2/3 of those slip fall accidents happen in the bath area

Do not be forced to move into an assisted living community. Updating your bathroom to make it a safer place to be is the single most important step you can take to increase the likelihood that you can preserve your independence and stay in your home.

Make Your Bathroom Safer and More Comfortable

A more practical and convenient bathroom is a critical part of any plan to stay at home throughout your retirement years. We can make the changes necessary to remodel your bathroom to reduce the risk of a fall.

Make an Investment in Your Safety & Comfort

Superior Restoration and Remodeling is a local leader among bathroom remodeling companies. You can trust us for modern, comfortable aging-in-place renovations. Call us at (631) 360-9422 or fill out our online form to tell us about your family’s needs.

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