Understanding Water Damage

Water damage could completely devastate your home, building or business. Unfortunately on Long Island, many families are too familiar with the damaging effects of water damage due to recent violent storms.
Our goal is to help you understand the sources of water damage, avoid the damaging effects and remediate any water damage. In most cases, water damage happens as a result of water intrusion due to an outside leak, or a plumbing system failure.

Sources of water damage include: washing machine overflow, dishwasher leakage, broken pipes, clogged toilet, roof leaking, and moisture behind walls, plumbing leaks, and bad weather (snow, rain, floods).

What We Do to Fix Water Damage

When we arrive after your call, we first assess the affected areas to determine the level of extraction and remediation needed.  We then sit with you and map out a course of action to fix your water damage problem.  The first step in the process it to extract any sitting water and then, with top of the line equipment, we dry the affected area.

If any of your belongings are non-salvageable, we remove them safely from your home or building to avoid the growth of mold. Next, we clean up the affected area and sanitize it, again, to avoid the growth of mold.  Once we leave, our job is not done.  We provide daily inspections and monitoring services so that we can ensure your home or building is safe for its inhabitants.

Once we have determined that you are in the clear, we provide a detailed report and certificate of the water mitigation services.