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Installed by New York’s finest remodelers, our basement egress windows create a safe emergency exit.

Long Island Egress Windows

A remodeled basement can be the perfect spot for family fun, from luxurious in-home theaters to safe (and soundproof) kids’ playrooms. But when your below-ground space is being used by friends and family on a daily basis, it’s important to make sure it’s just as safe as it is fun—and that’s where Superior Restoration’s Long Island egress windows take center stage! Crafted from high-quality materials and expertly installed by our professional team, our egress windows offer a safe, easy-access exit in case of emergency.

Maintain Safer Basement Living With Our New York Basement Egress Windows

At Superior Restoration, our New York basement egress windows do more than just keep your family safe and your property in compliance with building codes—they also enhance the style and energy efficiency of your finished basement. Learn more about our egress window systems below to choose the best one for your home:

  • Single Hung In-Swing Egress Windows: These compact vinyl windows are the smallest design available that still meets the IRC 2006 code. They normally operate as a standard single hung window but can be unlatched to swing open in case of emergency.
  • Sliding Egress Windows: Our sliding egress windows come in a variety of sizes, and the glass pane lifts out for easy cleaning. These windows meet IRC codes and also have low-E glass to increase energy efficiency.
  • Egress Window Well Grates and Covers: Our egress window well products add style and privacy to your basement window installation. Our semi-clear covers allow light to enter but prevent peering eyes, while our expanded steel grates keep out debris and protect children and animals.

Because all of our egress window systems are available in multiple glass, hardware, and color options, you’re sure to be able to find a window installation that suits your budget and style.

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Long Island egress windows are just one component of the diverse basement remodeling services we offer at Superior Restoration. In addition to these critical emergency exits, we also specialize in floor-to-ceiling renovations, waterproofing, and restoration services. Whatever you need to make your below-ground space more comfortable and functional, we can do!

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